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July 29th, 2017

Is Biblical Faith Rational?

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Is biblical faith rational?Faith is the Foundation

Faith is the foundation of our spiritual life, but is biblical faith rational? We are physical beings limited to knowing our universe through our five senses and the machines we have created to extend those senses. Our perception of reality is limited to the material. The bible on the other hand views what we can “see” with our senses as “temporary.” According to the scripture, the eternal reality is something we cannot see except through faith. This spiritual dimension is the true reality. Our “reality” physical life as we experience it, is like a mere two dimensional representation of the greater reality. So is this rational?

Biblical Faith — Divine Persuasion

Biblical faith is neither blind, nor irrational. Rather, it is grounded in knowledge of the reality that exists beyond the material, physical world. Biblical faith is not merely emotional, though it does provoke an emotional response. Biblical faith is not confined to a limited human worldview, but embraces what can be known beyond our 5 senses through divine revelation. In fact, biblical faith cannot exist apart from an intimate knowledge of God and his character.

Biblical Faith Requires Free Will

The zeitgeist of our time is one that would deny the spiritual reality. Peoples’ hearts have become calloused and hardened. As a result they are blind and deaf to the reality of God. They reject knowing God and his power to transform. Is this rational? Is it rational to deny the possibility of God due to our human bias against the things we cannot see, hear, feel, taste, or smell? But God does not compel anyone to “see” his reality, or embrace biblical faith. We are free rational beings who can choose to accept or deny the possibility of things we have not yet seen or experienced. Is biblical faith rational? Learn more about the true nature of things and the role of biblical faith in the lives of those who freely choose to be led by God’s spirit. Let the scriptures open your mind to the real nature of things.

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