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June 23rd, 2018

Avoiding Modern Slavery – Some Advice from God

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avoiding slavery

Avoiding Modern Slavery

Some Advice from God

God’s intent is that people are “whole” having integrity, prosperity, and a clear conscience. Yet the reality for many is a life of slavery. However, modern slaves are not in chains; they are “in debt.” And that debt comes in many forms. God’s word, the moral logic of the universe is a sure foundation, providing the path to freedom — and  avoiding modern slavery. It also reveals that we can become slaves, and in debt to all the things that control us. Those things that are opposed to our well-being, physically or spiritually.


Debtors and Slaves

Adam Smith an 18th century moral philosopher and economist wrote the book, “The Wealth of Nations.” He queried, “What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?” Here was a man who knew something of the nature of slavery. There are those in the modern world who would concur. They understand that our mountainous monetary debts as nations and individuals is “modern slavery.”

Financial news columnist John Mauldin is very concerned about the 200 trillion in debt owed by all levels of government in the US. His solution sounds biblical! He advocates a “financial reset,” freedom from this economic slavery — a jubilee. God’s plan for the ideal nation  envisioned the need for a jubilee millennia ago! Why? God knew the nature of corrupt leaders and false teachers who, for their own profit, would promise freedom while promoting lifestyles that would lead to slavery. And God had a solution for the nation. a year of release — a jubilee. A time when slaves would gain their freedom, and people would have their inheritance restored.

Substance Abuse and Slaves

In our time, we have leaders who openly support the use of addictive substances, like marijuana or opiods. The marijuana industry is set to make record profits this year in Canada with the legalization of cannabis. The leaders have provided legislation to allow easy access. Yet, as they wrangle over the logistics of how to dispense these new “products,” they are not warning people of the consequences. They are neglecting to expose the possible consequences of slavery to an addiction. God gives a clear warning to those who abuse and enslave his people. But God also gives hope and freedom to those who cast off their addictive lifestyles and embrace the liberty that God gives in his Word. Their is repentance, forgiveness, and an end to slavery when we embrace life as God intended us to live.

Are you avoiding modern slavery in all of its many forms? Remember that God says we are slaves to whatever controls us. So we need to consider carefully those controlling forces in our lives?

Living a Debt Free Life

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