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May 7th, 2017

Should We Forget the Law of Moses

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forget the law of Moses?

Forget the Law of Moses?

Is the Law of Moses “done away.” The majority report from traditional Christianity would say a resounding, “Yes!” But what do the scriptures say? The issue of grace and law has been debated for centuries, and the majority have been led to believe that grace is all that is needed for believers to be “saved.” But there is the scripturalist view, the minority report. It encourages believers to look carefully at what God says, and to reject tradition that is contrary to biblical teaching. So do you know from God’s perspective, if it is wise to forget the “Law of Moses?”

Grace and Good Works

For the scripturalist grace is given for a purpose. It is not a “love God and do as I will philosophy.” Once freely forgiven we become Christ’s servants. And, in serving Him grace is  the first step reconciling us to God, so we can walk with Him. We are given grace for a reason, so we might be transformed, renewed. But this is a process. Grace allows us to hear, understand, and obey God’s teachings. Christianity is more than a “profession of faith” it is a way of life, and there is a path to walk. There is work to be done! What are those good works that God desires?

We Reap What We Sow

From Genesis to Revelation there is a fundamental biblical principle reiterated by prophets, and apostles alike: You reap as you sow. This is true of individuals, communities, and nations. The Law of Moses provides us the understanding of right and wrong, and thus explains what should be sown to get a good harvest. Malachi, the prophet, wrote of the end of the age and the coming of the Messiah. He warned the wicked that they would reap as they had sown. And he admonishes the righteous to remember something crucial, that will reap benefits for the whole world. Do you know what God tells us to remember? Do you know why it is important?

Law and Lawlessness



May 6th, 2017

Christ Wants You!

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God wants you
Christ Wants YOU!

Who Has God Called?

Jesus in the parable of the wedding supper issues an invitation to potential followers, “Come to the wedding supper!”  Christ wants you in his Kingdom. In essence God is asking you a question, “Are you willing to come? Or, are you too busy to accept God’s invitation?” This parable is also a  lesson to those who have been willing to accept God’s invitation. It’s a lesson in humility. Paul later writes about who God calls into his service, and why? Do you know what he said to the believers at Corinth? What are the implications of Paul’s message for us today?

God’s Incredible Invitation – Christ wants You

In Jesus day, many followed him as he went from place to place teaching about the Kingdom of God. Yet it was only the few who ultimately continued as Jesus’ disciples. It was only the few who were willing to walk with God. It was only the few who were willing to imitate Christ. It was only the few who were able to put God first. One wonders. Did those who walked away from God’s invitation really understood the incredible promises that they were foregoing? Did they not understand God’s generosity and and the reward for service to him?

Counting the Cost

The story of the beginning of the new covenant church is instructive. Sometimes there is a cost to serving God. Believers are advised to consider the cost. But, they must weigh the costs and the opportunity, and then take action. The parable of the talents is an encouragement to all who would hear and act on God’s invitation. There is great reward to all those who are “faithful in a little.” But there is also a warning to those who bury their talents. There is a a cost to those who make excuses, or who fail to use their opportunity. The King who has invited us to the wedding, is looking for those who are willing to be profitable servants. Christ wants you!

Christian Vision and Mission


April 23rd, 2017

Righteous Government? An Oxymoron?

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Venezuelan protestors

Righteous Government, an Oxymoron?

Is our Government Righteous?

Recently, a liberal writer criticized the Canadian Liberal government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau of trying to be “righteous.” This accusation was focused on the government’s desire to “regulate” the sale of marijuana to minors. There is a general feeling among many liberals that one cannot legislate morality or justice. They then conclude that any legislative attempts to curtail freedom is unnecessary if not counter-productive. But is this the reality? Are there righteous governments? What would they look like, and what policies would they embrace?

Addiction and Other Human Failings

Governments attempt to deal in a variety of ways with the problem of addiction, prostitution and other human predilections that seem hardwired in humanity. Recently, we have seen the demise of laws that had criminalized drugs and prostitution. Will these changes lead to a better society? Or are they vain promises of liberty, that only lead to greater depravity beguiling, luring, and enslaving the weak. That was the apostle Peter’s evaluation of his society, and similar erudite philosophies of his time. “Pompous vain words designed to sound profound, but are not true.”

Righteous Government is Coming

Righteous government may seem like an oxymoron based on past and present experience in our world. But changes are coming in government, though not as most people might expect. There is coming a time when those who hate justice and promote immorality will no longer rule. In their place will be those who believe, “He that rules over men must be just — ruling in the fear of God. God’s instruction manual provides guidance for those who would rule fairly. Righteous government is a future reality, that will bring justice, equity, and growth. Christ’s rule will result in a time of unending peace. Are you preparing for your role in that righteous government?

Christian Leadership — Are you Preparing?

April 22nd, 2017

Fear Not! Go Forward!

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Fear Not, Go Forward!

Israel at the Red Sea go forwardWhy We Remember

Are you facing a “Red Sea” roadblock in your life? Are you prepared to “go forward?” The last Feast day of Passover/Unleavened Bread teaches us powerful lessons about how to live our lives and face the obstacles we encounter. One of God’s instructions to his people at this time of year was to teach our children about the symbols and events of the Passover season. This was not just to be an ancient history lesson, a dull retelling of millennia-old stories. Rather, these stories were object lesson designed to teach us how to live in the present. In this way all generations were to preserve a knowledge of how God works in our lives. More

April 17th, 2017

Faith in Times of Doubt and Unbelief

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Faith in Times of Doubt

faith in times of doubtA Dramatic Shift

Ancient Roman society lacked faith in God. Paul writing to Timothy decried everyday conditions, painting a murky picture of the attitudes and actions of his time.  Our society is experiencing a similar time of doubt. Over the past century much has changed when it comes to attitudes about religious belief. A recent Angus Reid poll declared that over 50% of those surveyed had a negative perception of religion in general. This is an amazing change! Almost equal groups of people, affirm that they are either “non-believers” or “religiously committed.” But, the remaining 60% are either “uncertain” or “private believers.”  These private believers are unwilling to let their faith be known. And, perhaps for good reason. It is difficult to live your faith in times of doubt. More

April 17th, 2017

Winning the Spiritual Battle

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Winning the Spiritual Battle

win the spiritual battleIs the Law, Sin?

God sent Moses to deliver Israel from slavery in Egypt. God kept his covenant promise, and the lamb’s shed blood was a symbol. The blood on the doorpost protected and delivered every household. Later, the Father sent his son to deliver mankind from spiritual slavery, the slavery of sin. His perfect sinless sacrifice made this possible. Yet, many Christians do not understand this deliverance because they do not understand sin, lawlessness. In fact many believe it was the law that was enslaving people. Is this true? Some Christians look to the writings of Paul to bolster this negative view of the law. They say that Paul taught, “the law is sin.” But is this true? It is a matter of spiritual life or death.

April 15th, 2017

What Would Jesus Do? Following His Footsteps

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footwashing ceremonyWhat Would Jesus Do? Following His Footsteps

What did the Disciples Do?

If you do not know the biblical worldview, you might be surprised that Jesus’ disciples were preparing for Pesach (Passover) and the 7 days of unleavened bread just before Jesus’ death. And though many today, celebrate Easter at this time of year, this was not the custom of Christ’s followers. How do we know? The bible provides the evidence, and we see the customs of the early believers from the accounts of Peter, Paul, and John. More