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May 18th, 2019

Mothers of Faith — Agents for God

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DEBORAH mother in IsraelLeaders in Times of Trouble

There was a time of great calamity in the history of the people of Israel. They had suffered for twenty years under the cruel hand of Jabin of Hazor their enemy. They needed wise and dedicated leadership to lead them out of their troubles. And the best man for this job was a woman. God had chosen Deborah to lead his people as their judge, one who was governor, as well as, legal decision-maker and arbiter. In this dangerous time when settlements had ceased and foreign forces were invading, God chose a mother in Israel to encourage Barak, her military leader. God spoke to Deborah urging her to gather the people to cast off their oppressors. And in the end, God blessed the efforts of Deborah’s small ill-equipped army of volunteers in their fight against a much superior force of chariots and well-armed soldiers. Mothers of faith can make all the difference. More

May 4th, 2019

God’s Endgame for the Saints – Road to Pentecost

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Kingdom of GodGod’s Epic Story of Triumph

Our world has an appetite for epic stories of triumph over the forces of darkness and evil. “Endgame” is a recent example which brings to mind the question, “What is God’s endgame for his saints?” It is certainly an even greater thriller than one that can be imagined by Hollywood. And it too is a story of the triumph of light over darkness, and the truth over lies and deception. It is a tale of spiritual powers locked in battle for the cosmos, and the eventual overthrow of the great deceiver. But there is more to the story. More

April 27th, 2019

In God’s Service? — How are you managing?

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in God's serviceServants of our Master

Sectarianism was a negative part of the religious milieu in Paul’s day. In order to combat this divisive “party spirit” he made it plain that we are all “in God’s service.” And this service is to a common master. So we should all be performing our role as servants of God working together to perform his will. But sometimes we find this concept daunting. What does it really mean to be in God’s service? More

April 26th, 2019

Go Forward in Faith — Lessons from Our Ancestors

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Israel at the Red Sea go forwardLearning from Our Forefathers

In our world, “identity politics” is a topic of much debate. But God laughs at such notions. So, when Paul admonishes believers to go forward in faith he is talking to everyone. There is no Jew or Gentile, rather if we are Christ’s then Abraham is our forefather in the faith. And, if we are Abraham’s descendants — his children — then the bible is our story. That is why Paul could warn believers in his day to learn from the lessons of faith taught by Israel’s journey out of Egypt. Because Israel’s history was written to instruct them about their heritage. And to warn them not to make the same mistakes, and test Christ! More

April 21st, 2019

Passover and Repentance – The First Steps to the Kingdom

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road to emmausPassover and Repentance

The Passover season brings to mind all the events surrounding the death and resurrection of the Messiah. These events had been prophesied centuries earlier in the Psalms and the prophets. Jesus recounted all the prophecies that confirmed that he was the Messiah after his resurrection, as he walked on the road to Emmaus with two disciples. Luke revealed in this account that it was necessary for Jesus to suffer, die, and rise again. Why? So that repentance could be preached to all nations. And, having repented, believers could become empowered by the Holy Spirit. Luke reiterated this message in the book of Acts. He recounted the story of Pentecost when Peter encouraged the people to repent and be baptized so they could receive the Holy Spirit. But what did it mean to repent? More

April 13th, 2019

On the Road to Passover: Repentance and Forgiveness

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Christian Passover, Repentance, and Forgiveness

road to Passover finding forgivenessAs we take the symbols of the bread and wine at Passover we are acknowledging our need for repentance and forgiveness. But it is not the radical mercy or unconditional forgiveness that some preachers promote. It is important to know what the scriptures say and thus avoid sloppy theology. We must be careful to avoid diminishing the importance of the blood of the covenant and our response of loving obedience to God. There is more to repentance and forgiveness than an emotional altar call. So what do the scriptures reveal? More

April 7th, 2019

The Road to Passover – Passover People

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on the road to PassoverPassover People our Narrative of Hope

Over the centuries the scourge of anti-semitism has done an effective job of robbing Christians of their heritage as Passover People. How many Christians today understand what Paul wrote? That whether Jew or Gentile, if you belong to Christ you are Abraham’s children? How many understand their role in the biblical narrative, their common scriptural roots and shared biblical standards? But most importantly, how many grasp their new covenant relationship with the Father as Passover People with a glorious destiny? More