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June 23rd, 2017

Law of Moses — The Greatest Commandment

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Love God with all your soul

Law of Moses and the “Mega” command

The lawyers of Jesus’ day, experts in the law, wanted to subvert Jesus and his teaching. They asked him what was the “greatest commandment,” the “mega” command in the law of Moses. They came from a perspective of living a life, where one balanced good deeds against bad. They divided the laws into heavy and light ones, giving more weight to some and not the others. Jesus castigated them for “majoring in the minors.” Like many of today’s religious and political elites they were guilty of “straining at the gnat and swallowing the camel.” They missed the essence of the law — the greatest commandment.

What does “Love” mean?

Jesus, the Word, who inspired the prophet Jeremiah envisioned a time when the nation would all know God. In that future time of restoration the commandments would be internalized. The people would walk with God, embracing his will. And their motivation would be love, “agapao.” To fully understand loving God with all of our heart, soul, and might, we must examine the meaning of “agapao.” Jesus in talking to the religious leaders, affirmed that this was the greatest commandment. He said the second, love for neighbour, is also a “mega” command. So what does “agapao” mean, is it mere sentiment, feeling? Is it just doing “nice” things for the one who is loved?

The Law 0f Love from the Beginning

Only God can define, love. He is the originator of love. His character is one of love for others. Love as defined by God is “agapao” — preferring what God prefers. Choosing what God chooses. Obedience to God’s will. And where can we look to find God’s preferences? In the very beginning, in the first book of the law of Moses, we begin to find God’s will. Here is a primary example of love for God and neighbour, and it’s opposite. God presented the story of Abel and Cain, and the apostle John used this example to teach about our responsibilities as Christians. John focused in on the Law of Moses — the Greatest commandment. Are we listening to the law of Moses, and understanding the implications of the great commands in the law?

Finding True Love

June 6th, 2017

Pentecost the Law and the Spirit

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pentecost the law and the spirit
Pentecost  Law & Spirit

Many Pentecost Stories

Have you ever noticed this in Luke’s account? In rehearsing the events surrounding Christ’s resurrection, the women came on the first day of the weeks. Have you wondered why the original Greek was plural, week(s). Yet many mistranslations abound, so they miss the significance of this statement. If they knew the law of Moses, they would have realized this was a reference to the beginning of the 50 day count to Pentecost. Looking back into God’s instructions in the law concerning the Feast of Weeks, the Feast of Firstfruits, we find another curious yet meaningful side-note. In the midst of the section about the holy day, there is a specific and seemingly unrelated command. It addressed the needs of the poor and the stranger, the foreigner. And it tied together the story of Ruth with Pentecost the law and the spirit. More

June 5th, 2017

Law of Moses — NOAH

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Law of Moses — Noah

Law of Moses — Noah

The Law May Be More Than You Realize

The Law of Moses, the torah, includes the first five books of the scriptures penned by Moses according to the Lord God’s instructions. David described different aspects of the law: instructions, statutes, commands, testimonies, judgments. And, he concluded that they were, “…reliable, and altogether righteous…” But, people will argue with David’s assertions and will debate endlessly as to the value of the law. Unfortunately, it is only the open-minded who will become wise through the understanding and application of these teachings. But, there is another aspect to the law/teaching that is often overlooked. More

May 31st, 2017

Law of Moses — the Weightier Matters

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Law of Moses — the Weightier Matters

weightier matters of the law

The Freedom from Slavery

To call ourselves “Christians,” followers of Christ, is to acknowledge that he is the “Master.” His thoughts, attitudes, and actions are ones we want to emulate. When you understand who Jesus was before his life as a human, you can easily see why the law of Moses played a vital role in Jesus’ teaching. Just as he saved Israel from Egyptian slavery, so we too have been saved. Saved to live in obedience to him. So, what was the value of the law of Moses from Jesus’ point of view? More

May 28th, 2017

Law of Moses — Living Holy Lives

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Noah living the law of Moses

Law of Moses — Living Holy Lives

Christians are called to a holy calling to lead lives worthy of our master, Jesus, the Messiah. We have been given the gracious gift of forgiveness, so we may become a holy people. God extends his grace, “charis,” his favour and blessings, to his people. But then what?
Many people in thinking correctly that we do not earn salvation by keeping the law, then make the false assumption that the law is no longer necessary, or valid. Nothing could be further from the truth of scripture! More

May 27th, 2017

Law of Moses — Love Your Neighbour

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law of Moses love your neighbour

Law of Moses — Love Your Neighbour

In our secular society the question is, “Does the Bible have any place in your life?” And as Christians we might answer a resounding, “Yes.” However, ask many Christians, “Does the law of Moses have any place in your life?” and you might get a different answer. Both Paul and Peter warned of false teachers who would deny their master, Jesus Christ. Using clever arguments they would deceive people while promising them freedom from the law. And this is the reality in many Christian churches. Yet, doesn’t Christ himself say we are to live by every word of God? The law of Moses — the torah, first five books of the Bible — is a part of that “word.” So, what is it’s value? More

May 7th, 2017

Should We Forget the Law of Moses

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forget the law of Moses?

Forget the Law of Moses?

Is the Law of Moses “done away.” The majority report from traditional Christianity would say a resounding, “Yes!” But what do the scriptures say? The issue of grace and law has been debated for centuries, and the majority have been led to believe that grace is all that is needed for believers to be “saved.” But there is the scripturalist view, the minority report. It encourages believers to look carefully at what God says, and to reject tradition that is contrary to biblical teaching. So do you know from God’s perspective, if it is wise to forget the “Law of Moses?” More