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August 21st, 2018

Uncivil Info-Wars — In the World NOT of the World

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In the World Not of the World

What's a Christian to do?Current news headlines suggest that some of the global media giants are pursuing their own agendas! And as a result, the rule of law is being replaced by arbitrary “community standards?” Is this a problem? Presently, it is apparent that some of our rights to free speech are being eroded. In the name of eliminating “hate speech” voices deemed politically incorrect are being censored…eliminated from the public forum of debate. So what are some issues that we need to consider? More

August 4th, 2018

Be Angry but don’t SIN! – When does Anger become a Sin?

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Be angry but do not sin - Tommy RobinsonThe Story of Edom and the Trouble with Anger

The scriptures advise us to “be angry but don’t sin.” What does this mean? The story of Edom as retold in the prophets and writings gives us God’s answer. The Edomites were descendants of Esau, so they were the kin of the tribes of Israel who were the descendants of Esau’s brother, Jacob. They were family. So, God had given the nation of Israel specific warnings not to despise their Edomite brethren, nor covet their land – Mt. Seir. However, the Edomites on the other hand pursued the Israelites relentlessly. In their angry rivalry and hostility they invaded Israelite territory habitually, trying to claim it as their own. They were and still are implacable foes of Israel. More

July 28th, 2018

Righteous Anger — Hating What God Hates

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Righteous Anger – Church at Ephesus

righteous angerMany years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the apostle John wrote the book of Revelation from his place of exile on the island of Patmos. He delivered a message from Christ to the church at Ephesus, and by extension to all who would read and heed Christ’s advice. Many hardships had befallen those early Christians. The temple had been destroyed, their nation had been ravaged, and a million had died in warfare. Most of the apostles were gone, and the Jews had banished Christians from their synagogues. God chides the church at Ephesus for their lack of love in these harsh times, but he also praises them. Why? They hated the same things that Christ hates. What angered God, also angered these brethren, so they would not tolerate the false teachings of the Nicolaitans. More

July 21st, 2018

What Angers God — and Why?

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Does a Loving God Get Angry?

My Servant Moses

So what angers God? God is the epitome of love and compassion, yet there are things that make him angry. If we are to walk with God in covenant and love him, then we need to know what makes him upset. And the scriptures clearly outline the attitudes and behaviours that anger God. Moses had a special intimate working relationship with God. But, Moses’ initial reaction to being called by God to bring Israel out of Egypt was less than eager willingness. Moses made excuses and was full of self-doubt even after God’s “pep-talk.” God was angry with Moses diffidence and uncertainty, but he was patient and willing to work with Moses and provide support. Aaron, Moses’ brother, would do the speaking for Moses. Eventually, this overcame Moses’ hesitation and reluctance to do what God had asked. Are we eager to do the tasks that God has given us to do? Or, do we anger God with our reticence or insecurity in doing a job God has designed for us? More

July 20th, 2018

The Truth that Transforms

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truth that transforms liz lemon swindleJourney of Discovery

Journeys of personal discovery may lead us to find the truth that transforms our lives. The biblical example of the prodigal son is such a story of transformation. The young man in his ignorance and self-will demanded his inheritance, left his Father’s home, and went on a journey. Instead of the hoped for adventure and fortune, he ended up squandering everything he had inherited. But his misery final provoked a profound change in action and attitude. He had to face the terrible truth of his own folly, and then appreciate what he had lost in leaving his Father’s care. Straying from the truth had cost him dearly. More

July 7th, 2018

No “Respect of Persons” with God

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no respect of persons with GodGod’s Unchanging Nature

We live in a world that is “changeable.” In fact within the past 17 years the Canadian supreme court has “flip-flopped” regarding its position on religious freedoms for private institutions. This reversal in how the Canadian Charter of Rights has been interpreted is very worrisome to those who value their religious freedom, and their role in Canadian society. But even in a changing world, there is one thing that does not change, and that is God. He has a message for all people, for he has the insight and the power to “declare the end from the beginning.” And one thing is certain. He is just and fair, and there is no “respect of persons” with God. More

July 1st, 2018

Blueprint for the Future — the Image of God

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blueprint in the image of GodThe Tabernacle

God’s presence in the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, foreshadowed a future time in the Kingdom of God. It looked forward to the time when the Messiah would be king and would dwell with his people. A time when God’s spirit in the minds of the people would produce life and peace. This is a future hope and not our present reality. For today, people are ruled by their fleshly nature. This has resulted in our modern culture wars and an ever-increasing carnage. Did you know that this year more people in the US have died from opioid overdose than were killed during all the years of conflict in Vietnam? But there is hope, and God has already given us the blueprint for the future — an amazing future! More