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August 7th, 2011

A Time to Fast

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A day for prayer and fasting. Isaiah 58

In consideration of the current state of our world, the injustice and oppression of every sort that keeps people chained in darkness and unable to come to the light of God’s truth, we are going to be fasting together on August 9, 2011 to ask for God’s help. We will pray that God will shed his light on those who are stumbling, doubting, or fearful that they may gain discernment, courage, and wisdom to walk that narrow path leading to  eternal life. We will ask that God will remove any willful blindness and  enable us to walk a straight path in an increasingly corrupt society.

National leaders worldwide are facing monumental challenges and are having to make decisions now that will impact our lives for decades to come. We will pray for God’s mercy on us all, so that we may continue to have the freedoms we now enjoy: freedom to preach the truth without reservation, to travel, to associate with other believers, to worship God as we are commanded in scripture, and freedom of conscience.

We would welcome anyone who would like to set aside this day to pray and fast with us. We know of many brethren facing personal trials. These may be tests of character, financial troubles, ill health, discouragement, or loneliness. Accordingly, this will be a special time for us to pray for each other asking God to meet our every need and to comfort the faint of heart. We know that God hears our prayers for others and that the fervent, effectual prayers of a righteous people are precious in God’s eyes. More

August 7th, 2011

Your World Turned Upside-Down

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The world this summer is facing unprecedented financial and political upheaval on almost every continent. Yet, in the long term, there has been a subtler but perhaps more significant change that has taken place as western society has moved from a Christian to a post-Christian worldview. Where will this change lead us and how will it effect every Christian? Jeff Patton looks at the scriptures in relation to some modern views and opinions that will impact every fundamentalist bible believing Christian. Are you aware of the trends and their implications for the future?

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  • August 6th, 2011

    Amy Winehouse and Lessons Learned

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    amy winehouse
    What remains to be said about the tragic death of the famed jazz-soul singer Amy Winehouse? Well, in the secular press you’ll find lots of comments that go something like this: A short sad life, such a waste of talent. Too bad. All true, but not very illuminating or helpful for others.

    The Economist news magazine made a deeper analysis in its obituary of Winehouse with this observation:

    “Perhaps above all, her life was a lesson in the dangers of…

    August 3rd, 2011

    Parents Worthy of Honour

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    Honourable Parents from cogwebcast on Vimeo.

    Does God require something from you? Is obedience thicker than blood? When it comes to the fifth commandment some people don’t see the full implications of what God requires that He may have a Holy seed – godly children. Jeff Patton examines the scriptures to reveal what God expects in order that we might receive the fifth commandment’s promise of a long life.

    July 27th, 2011

    In the steps of Barnabas and Paul- Christians and Culture

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    Cyprus Journal-Part 2

    Monday—January 17, 2005
    What a great day we had today. Last night we had a reasonable sleep, but there was a continuous “white noise” in the background that we couldn’t avoid in our room. The pool’s pump room next door made it seem as if we were berthed beside a ship’s engine. The woman at the reception desk graciously allowed us to change to a different room: one that had a great ocean view. Ask, and ye shall receive! Why is man-made noise generally so annoying and disagreeable while the sound of the Creator’s ocean waves crashing on the beach is relaxing melody to the soul? Here it was the month of January and I had the window open to listen to the ocean and the wind. It was a bit brisk, but not too cold.

    Breakfast at the resort was a real bonus…

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  • July 26th, 2011

    Keeping the Sabbath Holy

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    Keeping the Sabbath Holy – 2 from cogwebcast on Vimeo.

    As followers of Christ, once we know that God has given us a command to keep the Sabbath day, then we begin to ask, “What should we do to keep the Sabbath Holy?” Jeff Patton takes a closer look at the biblical examples of Sabbath observance to help us walk in the footsteps of Christ and the disciples.

    July 21st, 2011

    Why Circumcision?

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    circumcision cartoon

    By Jean Jantzen and Jeff Patton
    Circumcise a boy baby in San Francisco and you could face a year in jail under a proposed San Francisco bylaw that will be put to voters in November (“San Francisco Could Ban Circumcision,” Tristin Hopper, National Post, May 20, 2011). The article also stated that infant circumcision has been in rapid decline in the United States in recent years. In 2006, 56% of American newborns were circumcised. Just three years later in 2009 that number was only 32.5%. In Canada about 31% of newborns are circumcised each year according to a 2007 survey…