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March 10th, 2018

That Prophet Speaks for God

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That Prophet Speaks for God

That Prophet Speaks for God b

Prophets — Truth or Lies

In our age of fake news, researchers at MIT admit that lies travel farther, faster, and deeper than the truth. But this is nothing new. In the time of Saul and Barnabus, Elymas Bar Jesus was a local purveyor of deceit, lies, and evil schemes. He held sway in the court of Sergius Paulus, the proconsul in Paphos, Cyprus. But Saul recognized him for what he was and ousted the false prophet, so the truth could be preached. Paul dealt with others in Rome and elsewhere who willingly exchanged the truth of God for lies. But, Paul’s advice to the Gentile believers was More

March 4th, 2018

Christ the Prophet, Priest, and King

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Christ the Prophet, Priest, and King

Christ the Prophet, Priest, and KingWho is Worthy?

What do the authors of the Narnia tales, and the Lord of the Rings have in common? C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien created powerful ‘biblical’ personalities and themes to drive their works of fiction. These men had a basic faith in the God of the bible and the purpose and plan that he would accomplish. God’s plan is a matter of public record in the scriptures. However, it has been ‘sealed’ and it’s message hidden. In vision the apostle John saw the sealed scroll that God the Father was holding. He cried when he realized no man was worthy to open the scroll and reveal its meaning. But there is someone who can open it. Do you know who is worthy? More

March 3rd, 2018

God Does the Improbable

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Haman and Mordecai a story of role reversal

God Does the Improbable

Most people live their daily lives with no consideration for what God has done or continues to do. So it would surprise them to know how God works — how God does the improbable. But, those who have faith, who trust in God, believe that God will give them victory over death. Is there anything more ‘improbable’ than that? Our spiritual ancestors understood God’s power to reward those who seek him. So, they didn’t just believe he exists. They believed in his power to intervene and do the improbable in their lives. Do you? More

February 24th, 2018

Authentic Gospel Messiah Will Return

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Messiah Will Return

Handel’s Messiah concludes with words from Job who lived four thousand years ago. Job prophesied, “I know my redeemer lives and he will stand on the earth in the latter days.” Job was convinced that long after his death he would witness this event with his own eyes. He was angered by his friend’s threats, because he knew that God was just. Job was confident of a bright future because his redeemer, the Messiah will return. He knew he had a redeemer — someone who would pay his debt, a debt that he could not pay. And this gave Job hope and assurance, for it was God who was his surety! More

February 18th, 2018

Authentic Gospel — Messiah the Son of God

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Messiah The Son of God

Handel’s Messiah imparts the understanding of the Messiah’s relationship to the Most High. It is that of beloved Son to his Father. And Messiah the Son of God has an inheritance — this world.  From the beginning, it was the Father’s intent that the Messiah should claim his inheritance. His coming would be a blessing to all nations. His rule as King in Zion would herald a time of peace and freedom. But he was not honoured when he came the first time. Will he be welcomed when he comes to claim the throne that is rightfully his? More

February 17th, 2018

The Authentic Gospel: Messiah Our Healer and Shepherd

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Messiah Our Healer and Shepherd

A Passover Message – Messiah Our Healer

In 1740 the Messiah oratorio was first performed. It was a tribute to the Passover season and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was in keeping with the traditions of primitive Christianity and the observances of the first century Jerusalem church. So Jennens, the Messiah’s lyricist, hearkened back to the prophecy of the Messiah in the book of Isaiah. This passage, often subtitled the “suffering servant,”  foretold a message of Christ’s first coming as the Messiah our healer. Isaiah wrote, “With his [Messiah’s] stripes we are healed.” The disciples of Christ’s day witnessed Jesus’ beating and scourging at the hands of Jews and Romans. They could understand these events and the crucifixion of Christ in light of Isaiah’s powerful prophecy. More

January 28th, 2018

The Authentic Gospel & the Messiah

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The Authentic Gospel & the Messiah

The Messiah oratorio penned by Handel is a masterpiece of biblical teaching.

With powerful emotion and haunting melodies it preaches the authentic gospel message.  The lyricist, Charles Jennens was a non-conformist Christian whose lyrics were designed to preach the ‘authentic gospel.’ It could perhaps be considered now as a “guerilla’ tactic to preach the truth. Carefully Jennens crafted a masterpiece about Jesus, the Messiah, as sung through the voices of many biblical writers. He was not ashamed about the authentic gospel. Rather, Jennens used his talents and the theatre venue to preach the message of hope in the Messiah, and to praise His name.

Do you know that message? Are you living in that hope? Learn more about God’s message of hope to humanity in this series of sermons.

primitive ChristianityThe Authentic Gospel & The Messiah

The biblical writers, Jude, Paul, and John, encouraged believers to “fight for the faith once delivered.”  They urged their readers to recapture the authentic gospel — what was understood from the beginning. Do you know that gospel? …In this festive winter season it would seem that many have never known ‘primitive’ Christianity. Or, they have forgotten the authentic gospel message.


Authentic gospel 2

The Authentic Gospel — Comfort My People

Handel’s  ‘Messiah’ was mysterious to the public who knew little of the bible. So in beginning his work with the message of, “Comfort my people — says your God,” Jennens desire was to speak to the heart of his audience. He wove the scriptures together to appeal to people’s emotions and longings – to comfort the weary with God’s words. And that message still resonates today… More