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December 26th, 2017

Euthanasia and Abortion — Issues of Death and Life

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Euthanasia and Abortion — Issues of Death and Life

who owns my lifeWhat does the bible have to say about the thorny topics of euthanasia and abortion. These matters have come to the fore recently with a number of governments enacting new laws to address the issues. Yet, in reality, these are not new issues, they have their ancient counterparts. As followers of Christ, we need to ask, “What would Jesus do?” if he were living in our time. What advice would he offer when it comes to the death and life issues of our era?


December 25th, 2017

Day of Atonement — Yom Kippur

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Day of Atonement — Yom Kippur

Day of Atonement Yom Kippur

The fast  on the Day of Atonement is rich with meaning for the Christian, as it points us to the sacrifice of Christ as a propitiation for our sins, and the sins of all people. As we afflict our souls through fasting we gain a deeper understanding of our need for God, and his plan to forgive our sins so we might live in covenant with Him. We also anticipate that time of peace when the adversary will no longer influence humanity and a jubilee will sound announcing the restoration of the inheritance to the people of God. More

December 23rd, 2017

Traditional Christian Holidays — Spirit and Truth?

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Traditional Christian Holidays — Spirit and Truth

Winter Holidays

It is a common belief in our era that the traditions we have inherited, and the days we celebrate have their roots in the biblical account. As a result, with the increasing commercialization there are those who are always fighting to “put Christ back into Christmas.” But was he ever there in the first place? Let’s look at the record of scripture and history to understand the traditional Christian holidays. Then we can know what God wants us to do to worship Him in spirit and truth.

Festivals of Light

Festival of Light? Card by Fred Meyer

Does God care about the festivals we celebrate in his honour? The scripture outlines Holy Days that are commanded, but what about other days that are not commanded? Does God leave the decision-making up to us? What criteria should we use in deciding what we should or should not celebrate? Are Christmas and Chanukah both festivals of light? More

December 17th, 2017

Why the Messiah and Jerusalem are Stumbling Stones

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jerusalem stone of stumblingThe Messiah’s Message for Chanukah

During the festival of Dedication in Jerusalem the religious leaders were asking, Jesus, “Are you the Messiah?” Though they had witnessed many miracles and heard Jesus’ teaching, they did not believe. They were unwilling to listen, learn, and follow the Messiah. They plotted to kill Jesus, accusing him of blasphemy, because he said he was the son of God. He in turn reminded them of the scripture that said, “You are gods.” For they all were children of the Most High. But they would die as mortals because they had rejected God’s Messiah. More

December 16th, 2017

Speaking the Truth in Love

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aletheuo speaking truth

The Father of Light

Speaking the truth in love is central to the role of a Christian. Truth, wisdom, and spiritual understanding are all good gifts. They all come from the Father who is perfect and does not change. As children of our Father we are “birthed” by the word of truth, so we can fulfil our purpose as God’s servants. Yet the history of Israel shows that they were often ignorant of God’s purpose. They discounted God’s power and his work in their lives. They were blind to the truth, and suffered as a result of their lack of understanding. So how are Christians  to speak the truth? More

December 9th, 2017

Is it Love To Warn and Rebuke?

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a loving warning?Is it Love to Warn and Rebuke?

Jesus prayed to his Father, before he was betrayed. He had protected, guarded, and taught his disciples. He gave them warning and comfort so they would not be deceived or led astray. Through teaching them the truth, (alethea) the reality, Jesus prepared his leaders to fulfill their mission. They were to faithfully teach the commandments, that instruct all believers as to how we are to love God and neighbour. But loving our neighbour is more than not hating or slandering them. God also instructs us to care for them, and if need be, to rebuke them in love. What does this mean?

Imitators of Christ

Christ’s gospel was one that offered great hope. It envisioned a Kingdom and a personal relationship with God though faith. But it also included a warning. People needed to repent, and demonstrate a change of heart and action. Paul followed Christ’s example giving a loving warning that believers were to renounce their sinful ways and fully imitate God. Peter also warned against the false teachers who led New Testament writers taught that love required a loving rebuke. Why? To keep believers from straying from God’s teachings and earning the painful consequences.

A Time of Judgement

Jesus in speaking to the religious leaders of his day gave them repeated warnings. He let them know what the future held for those who rejected the scripture in favour of man-made traditions. Often his parables were a form of rebuke to those who had “ears to hear.” At other times Jesus was very direct in telling the people of his society that all the lawless and all those who cause others to stumble would be punished. Why did he do this? He was following in the footsteps of the prophets that he had sent to his people over the centuries. And his motives? “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.” Like a loving father, God corrects his wayward children. And as imitators of Christ, is it love to warn and rebuke those who will hear?

Learn more about loving God and Neighbour
Finding True Love

December 3rd, 2017

Thankfulness in Tough Times

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thankfulness in tought times smReformation and Reformers

The Protestant Reformation transformed lives and eventually nations. But it also brought conflict and confusion. Yet many reformers set an example of thankfulness in tough times. In search of the “faith once delivered,” some reformers wanted to return to the authentic worship and beliefs of the early first century church. The Separatists among them valued the decalogue, insisted on adult baptism by immersion, and followed the biblical examples of anointing and ordination. They anticipated the return and millennial reign of Christ. Some courageous non-conformists braved the rejection of society and began keeping the Sabbath, in spite of dire consequences. In a time of strong anti-semitic bias and prejudice they endured persecution and even execution, at the hand of those who insisted on religious uniformity. More