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June 30th, 2018

God has an Agenda — A Permanent Enduring Hope

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God's agenda - a permanent enduring hopeThe Messiah Will Bring Justice

God offers a promise of a permanent enduring hope, that is guaranteed by his faithfulness. He is the creator of all things, and his purpose will be accomplished. There is coming a time when the Messiah will rule and bring justice! He will not fail in his duty to establish the kingdom in righteousness. So what will this mean for all those who in their ignorance or stupidity have rejected God’s agenda? What will happen to those who have forgotten God and turned to “idols” of their own devising? More

June 23rd, 2018

Avoiding Modern Slavery – Some Advice from God

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avoiding slavery

Avoiding Modern Slavery

Some Advice from God

God’s intent is that people are “whole” having integrity, prosperity, and a clear conscience. Yet the reality for many is a life of slavery. However, modern slaves are not in chains; they are “in debt.” And that debt comes in many forms. God’s word, the moral logic of the universe is a sure foundation, providing the path to freedom — and  avoiding modern slavery. It also reveals that we can become slaves, and in debt to all the things that control us. Those things that are opposed to our well-being, physically or spiritually. More

June 16th, 2018

Wholeness, Wellness, and Abundant Living

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wholeness, wellness, and abundant living

Health and Prosperity

The last surviving apostle, John, wrote to Gaius. “Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically, just as you are spiritually.” John’s confidence was that his friend was on the right path, walking in the truth. He also hoped that Gaius was in sound physical condition, one free from any disability.  John understood that health was “holistic.” It was integrated, encompassing every aspect of living. The interconnected concepts of wholeness, wellness, and abundant living were essential to health and prosperity. More

June 3rd, 2018

God’s Love and a Royal Wedding — Are You Preparing?

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Gods love and royal wedding mdGod’s Love and a Royal Wedding

Love and Christ’s Commandment

The recent royal wedding in England viewed by over 30 million viewers was a brilliant spectacle. But perhaps the meaning of the biblical passages cited in the wedding message were not understood by most. So, what did the apostle John really mean when he wrote about love, “agape?” Jesus the Messiah came to bring a “new” covenant and a “new” commandment to his followers. But in reality these “new” things were “renewed or refreshed,” for they had a long history. Loving one another was a very old commandment! But it was renewed and given greater meaning through Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice. As disciples, this type of love was going to be the proof of authenticity, of a Christian. Followers of Christ would be known by their loving obedience to God’s will. And, their unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Are you one of them? More

June 2nd, 2018

Truth Bytes – Psalms 7-8

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truth bytes starry night


God Delivers the Just

Lord my God, in You I put my trust;
Save me from all those who persecute me;
And deliver me
Psalm 7:1-5

We can have confidence when we live faithfully. For then we can trust God will deliver us.

God Knows our Heart

Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end,
But establish the just;
For the righteous God tests the hearts and minds.
10 My defense is of God,
Who saves the upright in heart.
God is a just judge,
Psalm 7:9-11

We rely on God because, unlike false deities, he knows our heart and mind – our motivation.
He is just and cannot be bought, or bribed.

God Hates Injustice

God is a just judge,
And God is angry with the wicked every day.
12 If he does not turn back,
He will sharpen His sword;
He bends His bow and makes it ready.
13 He also prepares for Himself instruments of death;
He makes His arrows into fiery shafts.

Psalm 7:11-13

God remedies injustice. So don’t worry over the injustice that is outside of your control.

Delusion Begets Misery

 The wicked brings forth iniquity;
Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood.
15 He made a pit and dug it out,
And has fallen into the ditch which he made.
16 His trouble shall return upon his own head,
And his violent dealing shall come down on his own crown.
Psalm 7:14-16

When people embrace a lie, they blame God for troubles that are merely cause and effect.

Just Dust — Without God

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars, which You have ordained,
What is man that You are mindful of him,
And the son of man that You visit him?
Psalm 8:3-4

As physical beings we are insignificant.
But God has given us a grand purpose that is beyond our ability to grasp fully.

A Crown Demands Responsibility

For You have made him a little lower than the angels,
And You have crowned him with glory and honour.

You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands;
You have put all things under his feet…
Psalm 8:5-8

You are crowned with glory and honour by God. Care for his creation.

May 20th, 2018

Searching for the Spirit — Series

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Confusion abounds when it comes to the nature of God’s spirit, The Holy Spirit. “Ruach” in Hebrew and “pneuma” in Greek can both be translated as Spirit, spirit, wind, or breath, depending upon the context in the scripture. Some theologians or translators would have you believe that  the Spirit is a “Holy Ghost,” or the Third Person in a Trinity? But is this the truth?

What is the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Power, the Comforter, the Voice of the spirit and how does it work in the world? Why, as Christians,  is it vitally important for us  to understand the role of the Spirit in our walk with God? This series will answer these questions and many more. Learn what you need to know about the power of God’s Spirit in your life.


spirit of God Holy Spirit

1 Searching for the Spirit — The Great Debate

It takes real detective work when searching for the Spirit of God. Often those who have rejected the “orthodox” belief about the spirit are considered illiterate at best, and heretics at worst. But, we must not base our understanding on tradition or hearsay. The real test is, “What do the scriptures say?” And, according to the apostle Paul,  “All scripture was “breathed-out” by God. Peter  confirmed that it was the spirit that led the prophets to speak and write God’s words. So, it is these words that inform, train,  and discipline those who are now being led by the spirit.



Power of God's Spirit
2 Searching for the Spirit — Let There Be Light

The power of God’s spirit is first seen in the story of creation. The raw materials of the universe were formed by the spirit from “nothing.” This matter was like a wasteland, void and empty. So God sent his spirit and began the transformation. The spirit hovered over the water, lovingly moving over it as a bird brooding over its young. Then by his spirit, God willed the light into existence… So how does God’s spirit work in the lives of his people?




sharing spiritual resources

3 Searching for the Spirit — Sharing Spiritual Resources

The Spirit is the power of God – God’s spiritual resources. It was by His Spirit that God created the universe and brought light into the world. The Spirit is the power that gives us the desire to do what is right. It helps us discern between good and evil. And, it guides us along God’s path and gives us the wisdom to do God’s will.  Do you have God’s spiritual resources?





spirit poured out on God's people

4 Searching for the Spirit — Living Water

Jesus encourages those who are “thirsty” to come to him, and drink rivers of living water. He is referring back to Isaiah’s prophecy of the time when the Spirit will be poured out like water. This future vision is one of streams of living water in the desert and the Spirit refreshing all those who are thirsting for God’s ways. It envisions a time when God’s Spirit will wash away the stain of sin and cleanse those who repent and return to God…




spirit of truth and light

5 Searching for the Spirit — Spirit of Truth

God’s Spirit loves the truth. And, it is this Spirit of the Truth that is given to all those who love God and keep his commandments. How do we know this? Jesus in talking to his disciples before he died, reassured them that they would not be alone. He promised them that they would not be left as orphans. Why? Because Jesus’ Father would send them the Spirit to comfort them.

May 20th, 2018

Pentecost 2018 – Spirit of Power and Promise

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Feast of Firstfruits - Shavuoth

A New World is Coming – a Vision for Pentecost

Is a better world coming? If we believe the prophesies of Isaiah, we have hope of a new world in the future. But this world will not come until God’s spirit is poured out on all people. This change will not come until the Messiah returns. It will come when the Spirit of the Lord, the spirit of knowledge and wisdom and righteousness, rules with justice and fairness. And, the Spirit of power transforms the very nature of the animal kingdom — so they will no longer hurt or destroy. A time of transformation is coming. Are you preparing for that time? More