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July 7th, 2018

No “Respect of Persons” with God

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no respect of persons with GodGod’s Unchanging Nature

We live in a world that is “changeable.” In fact within the past 17 years the Canadian supreme court has “flip-flopped” regarding its position on religious freedoms for private institutions. This reversal in how the Canadian Charter of Rights has been interpreted is very worrisome to those who value their religious freedom, and their role in Canadian society. But even in a changing world, there is one thing that does not change, and that is God. He has a message for all people, for he has the insight and the power to “declare the end from the beginning.” And one thing is certain. He is just and fair, and there is no “respect of persons” with God. More

July 1st, 2018

Blueprint for the Future — the Image of God

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blueprint in the image of GodThe Tabernacle

God’s presence in the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, foreshadowed a future time in the Kingdom of God. It looked forward to the time when the Messiah would be king and would dwell with his people. A time when God’s spirit in the minds of the people would produce life and peace. This is a future hope and not our present reality. For today, people are ruled by their fleshly nature. This has resulted in our modern culture wars and an ever-increasing carnage. Did you know that this year more people in the US have died from opioid overdose than were killed during all the years of conflict in Vietnam? But there is hope, and God has already given us the blueprint for the future — an amazing future! More

June 30th, 2018

Blueprint for a Future Reality — the Tabernacle

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the tabernacle a replica of a spiritual reality

A Blueprint for a Future Reality

Paul, the apostle, wanted God’s children to be mature, so they were no longer tossed about by false teachers who were trying to deceive them. He knew the importance of having spiritual vision. It was vital to be able to imagine the unseen spiritual reality. They needed to see beyond the gritty aspects of life in the Roman world by embracing a prophetic view of the future. Paul knew that a blueprint of the spiritual reality had been envisioned by God long before Israel became a nation. But, to help the people see beyond their limited view, God had provided insight into heavenly things in the creation of the tabernacle in the wilderness. It was a physical replica, built from a blueprint, and foreshadowing a future reality. More

June 30th, 2018

God has an Agenda — A Permanent Enduring Hope

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God's agenda - a permanent enduring hopeThe Messiah Will Bring Justice

God offers a promise of a permanent enduring hope, that is guaranteed by his faithfulness. He is the creator of all things, and his purpose will be accomplished. There is coming a time when the Messiah will rule and bring justice! He will not fail in his duty to establish the kingdom in righteousness. So what will this mean for all those who in their ignorance or stupidity have rejected God’s agenda? What will happen to those who have forgotten God and turned to “idols” of their own devising?

A Lesson for the Willfully Blind

In every age there have been those who have denied God’s power and embraced evil as a lifestyle. They are unwilling to examine the reality, and would rather trust in false narratives — false gods. They not only trust in lies themselves, but they are eager to push their intolerance for the truth on others. And sometimes human “Courts of Justice” entrench this blindness in “law.” Trouncing an individual’s rights of religious freedom, they establish “equality” rights that ignore the truth of God’s teaching. As the apostle Paul declared in his day, those who had the power, “Exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” So what should be our response in dealing with these affronts to God’s justice in our society?

Having the “Big Picture View”

When living in dangerous times, when the truth is considered “evil,” we should be troubled, but not shaken. God offers hope for eternity, to those who perceive his agenda. With God’s assurance of everlasting life, and his law in our hearts, we need not fear. Though persecution will come to those who live godly lives in an unjust world, God promises the power to endure. There is no trouble that we cannot overcome with God’s help. And, nothing can keep us from obtaining the permanent enduring hope that God offers to those who believe him.

Our Vision and Mission

June 23rd, 2018

Avoiding Modern Slavery – Some Advice from God

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avoiding slavery

Avoiding Modern Slavery

Some Advice from God

God’s intent is that people are “whole” having integrity, prosperity, and a clear conscience. Yet the reality for many is a life of slavery. However, modern slaves are not in chains; they are “in debt.” And that debt comes in many forms. God’s word, the moral logic of the universe is a sure foundation, providing the path to freedom — and  avoiding modern slavery. It also reveals that we can become slaves, and in debt to all the things that control us. Those things that are opposed to our well-being, physically or spiritually. More

June 16th, 2018

Wholeness, Wellness, and Abundant Living

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wholeness, wellness, and abundant living

Health and Prosperity

The last surviving apostle, John, wrote to Gaius. “Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically, just as you are spiritually.” John’s confidence was that his friend was on the right path, walking in the truth. He also hoped that Gaius was in sound physical condition, one free from any disability.  John understood that health was “holistic.” It was integrated, encompassing every aspect of living. The interconnected concepts of wholeness, wellness, and abundant living were essential to health and prosperity.

Physical and Spiritual Realities

How often have we failed to find solutions to our health problems? Is it sometimes due to a narrow focus on the symptoms and not all the inter-connected relationships? Health from the biblical perspective is about harmony with physical and spiritual realities – the truth. John knew that healthy living would result if his children were walking in truth. This meant moral integrity and faithful relationships were essential to wellness. Harmony with God’s moral imperatives were as important as healthy eating, or a clean environment, or rest.

Wholeness, Wellness, and Abundant Living

God, in providing his laws for healthy living, was interested in “wholeness” for individuals and communities. The Sabbath was not just about rest for the individual. It was also essential to the health of a community. The role of the Sabbath in building positive relationships was as important as the restorative effects of a Sabbath’s physical rest. And the benefits were for everyone, even the servants and animals in a household. Respect for God would be a source of healing for all those who embraced God’s values. All of God’s commands lead to “wellness” and a long, abundant life. We cannot ignore any of God’s instructions and expect to prosper and be in good health. Why?  Because the spiritual and physical aspects of living are integrated, interconnected, and inseparable.

Wholeness comes when we are walking in the truth and embracing all of God’s teachings. Are you looking to be “whole?” Search God’s word for the answers.

Learn more about God’s principles of healthy living:
Healthy Living

June 3rd, 2018

God’s Love and a Royal Wedding — Are You Preparing?

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Gods love and royal wedding mdGod’s Love and a Royal Wedding

Love and Christ’s Commandment

The recent royal wedding in England viewed by over 30 million viewers was a brilliant spectacle. But perhaps the meaning of the biblical passages cited in the wedding message were not understood by most. So, what did the apostle John really mean when he wrote about love, “agape?” Jesus the Messiah came to bring a “new” covenant and a “new” commandment to his followers. But in reality these “new” things were “renewed or refreshed,” for they had a long history. Loving one another was a very old commandment! But it was renewed and given greater meaning through Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice. As disciples, this type of love was going to be the proof of authenticity, of a Christian. Followers of Christ would be known by their loving obedience to God’s will. And, their unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Are you one of them? More