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August 13th, 2016

Building a Spiritual Family

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Building a spiritual family

Building a Spiritual Family

We call the great spiritual Lifegiver, “Our Father,” and when we look into the origin of the words, Father and Family, we can begin to understand the Father’s love for us and our divine purpose. The apostle Paul, writing in Greek, made an immediate connection between Pater and Patria, father and family. John wrote of the agape, divine love, that the Father and His son have for all those who walk in the truth, those who are of His lineage and are committed to bearing His likeness – His family.

The life of Abraham gives us further insight into God’s family plan and His goal of building a spiritual family. What were the attitudes and actions that caused God to call Abraham the “Father of the faithful?” What did God know that gave Him the assurance that all nations could be blessed through Abraham?

In a time of fractured families, what lessons can we learn from Abraham and the prophets that will help us in guiding our own families and ensuring we are faithful children in our Father’s household? God gives a sober warning to parents and their children, but He also gives a message of hope to those who love and serve Him. Building a spiritual family requires a change of heart and a desire to love God, preferring what He prefers. There is a great future ahead for all those children the Father has redeemed.

The Importance of Purpose

August 13th, 2016

Law of Moses for Christians: The History

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law of Moses for Christians

Law of Moses for Christians:

The History

Most Christians today believe the Law of Moses has little validity in the modern world. They do not understand the history of this belief, nor do they realize the factors that led mainstream Christian thought to repudiate the Law of Moses for Christians. They have not questioned their belief, nor considered the impact of this belief on their behaviour and the resulting consequences.

But history is instructive, and in looking at the views of Catholic theologians, like Thomas Aquinas, Protestant reformers like Luther and Calvin, and modern dispensationalists, we gain an understanding of why the Law of Moses was rejected and what was substituted in its place. Then the real question becomes one of whether these biblical scholars were faithful in their examination of the biblical record, and what does the bible really say about the Law of Moses for Christians.

Let’s review the words of Jesus Christ, the writings of the apostles, and the legacy of Celtic Christian scripturalists, like Patrick and Pelagius, to consider their views on the importance and relevance of the Law of Moses to Christians who have a new covenant relationship with the Father. What does God through his word, want every believer to know about the Law of Moses for Christians? What is the truth of the matter, as it is the truth that sets us free to worship God as He desires.

Law of Moses for Christians: The Basics
Law and Lawlessness: Series

July 16th, 2016

Law of Moses for Christians? The Basics

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law of Moses for Christians

Law of Moses for Christians?

Turmoil and terror reigned this week in Nice, France, when a terrorist killed dozens on a major thoroughfare. Death and such flagrant disregard for life, is the result of lawlessness. Christians on the other hand are called to be different, to choose life, yet statistically speaking, Christians can fall prey to many of the life-destroying practices that are common in secular society. It is perhaps a good time to re-evaluate the role of the Law of God in our lives, and consider some basic principles that should guide every Christian.

Let’s do a close examination of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures to answer some fundamental questions?

Is the law against the promises of God?
Can the law save us, or give us eternal life?
Can the lawless enter the Kingdom of God?
What must one do to become a Christian and receive the Holy Spirit?
Which words of God must Christians live by?
Did Jesus value the law of Moses?
Did Paul value the law of Moses?
Who created or revealed the law that Moses scribed?
Who was expected to obey the law of Moses?
Why was the law of Moses given to the people of God?
What teachings did the law of Moses encompass?
What were the attributes of the law and their effect in people’s lives?

Malachi, in prophesying of the days just prior to the return of Christ, the Messiah, gives every Christian a warning to remember something essential and so avoid the turmoil and terror that the world will face. What was Malachi’s admonition?

Where do we first read of Christ’s role as Messiah, and his first coming?
Who will be called “great” in the Kingdom of God?

Listen to the scriptural evidence and understand God’s basic perspective on the law of Moses for Christians.

To Learn more:
Law and Lawlessness

July 13th, 2016

All Lives Matter to God

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all lives matter2
All Lives Matter to God

This is a time when people all across the colour spectrum are angry about real and perceived injustice, yet there is a solution to the present turmoil in race relationships created by recent shootings of police and civilians, . These racial tensions are spawning a cancer of fear, hatred, and separatism that if unchecked will kill the body, so we need to know the remedy!

Christians should not be involved in disseminating the hatred or perpetuating the divisive spirit that is a sign of our times. Through faith in Christ and in covenant with the Father we are all of Abraham’s seed and children of God by adoption, thus the barriers, the differences between us, have been eliminated.

But it is not enough to have this knowledge, rather we must put it into action, changing our hearts and lives so we will not be destroyed with those who are feeding on bitterness and hatred. In a time when retaliation and vengeance are widespread we are called to spiritual perfection, to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, and love not only our brothers, but also our enemies. We are called to be empowered by the Word of God and not manipulated by the media, and the attitudes of those around us. Will we choose to love God, and our neighbours, because all lives matter to God?

Avoiding the Pitfalls


July 9th, 2016

Will You Enter the Promised Land: Defeatism or Confidence

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Begin at 32 minutes

defeatism or confidence
Enter the Promised Land

God has given us a mission, not unlike the mission given to the twelve spies who were to search out the land of Canaan prior to ancient Israel entering their promised land. Do we understand our mission? Will you enter the promised land? What attitudes and actions will ensure that you succeed in your mission, like Caleb and Joshua?

There are lessons to be learned from the failure of the 10 spies who saw the promised land, but did not have the mindset to understand and fulfill their mission to enter the promised land. What were they afraid of, and why did they lack the faith to do what God asked them to do? How did the ten spies unite to adopt a defeatist mentality that led them to contradict Joshua and Caleb, argue against God’s purpose, and cause the people to despair?

The lessons in the wilderness were for our learning that we might have greater understanding our spiritual calling, and the promised land that awaits those who understand God’s goals. There will be those in positions of leadership who adopt defeatist, faithless approaches that lead others astray, and we must be wary of their influence, and not tolerate their deceptive teaching. Paul and John warn us of the deceivers who would try to undermine the faith and confidence of the brethren, and the Celtic Christians, our ancestors in the faith, took warning and did not accept the imposters, those who wanted to lead them away from God’s mission.

Will we be like Caleb and Joshua accepting our mission, confident in God’s direction, faithful in following God’s teachings, and willing to enter the promised land?

Pitfalls to Avoid

Content or Contentious

Entering Our Promised Land

June 25th, 2016

Is Brexit Part of Prophecy?

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is brexit part of prophecy
Is Brexit Part of Prophecy?

Everything looks the same in the dark, but with the light of scripture we can gain understanding and discernment so that world events are not just grey and murky…like everything that is seen in the shadow of darkness. To have spiritual light we need to look into God’s word and avoid the temptations and challenges that are in the world. Living by every word of God was a test on the people in Moses’ day, and on Jesus when challenged by Satan after 40 days of fasting. Like our Lord and Saviour, we need to be diligent in obeying God’s instructions, refusing Satan’s temptations, so that we may enjoy the blessings that come from the Father of light. We, the people of God, are called to forsake spiritual delusion and “come out of” the political/economic system that makes merchandise of people. So what are the spiritual lessons and the prophetic messages that can be garnered from the Brexit experience? What does scripture say? Is Brexit part of prophecy?

Purpose of Prophecy

June 22nd, 2016

Why Does God Care About Us?

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Why God Cares2
Why Does God Care About Us…and You!

David asked God the question, “Lord, what is man that you take notice of him;
    the son of man, that you think of him?”

The scriptures give us the answer and help us understand the nature of our spiritual Father, for we have been created in his image and likeness for a great purpose. Father’s day is a good time to reflect on God our Father’s plan for all of his children and to consider the attributes that he wants his firstborn  to develop in order to live in covenant with Him.
The future holds wonderful promise to those who have a knowledge of the truth, have been restored to a right relationship with God the Father, and are being perfected. Let the scripture unveil this mystery of the ages, for the Father is indeed mindful of his children. His love for them and His eternal purpose will be revealed to His family, those who bear His name. It is important to fully understand the answer to the question, “Why does God care about us?”

God the Father: Do You Know Him?

Want to know more about the Father? Check out this video series.

The Nature of God