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July 2nd, 2015

Where have All the Good Leaders Gone?

Blog, Jeff Patton, by CGP.


Where Have All the Good Leaders Gone?

political leaders Nixon not a crook“Of all the predictions to be made about 2015, none seems safer than the idea that across the great democracies people will feel deeply let down by those who lead them…. The levels of unpopularity and disengagement in the West have now risen to staggering levels… with the numbers of those fed-up [Americans]… climbing above 80%” [higher than during the notorious Watergate incident of the early 1970s in which the U.S. president was revealed for what he was: a crook, a liar, and an all-around small-minded vulgar bully], (Economist, “The World in 2015,” Nov. 21, 2014). I was struck by the Economist magazine’s end-of-the-year lead editorial. In many ways it is prophetic.

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