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July 5th, 2015

Flashing Signs of Danger

Authors, Blog, Jeff Patton, by CGP.


Flashing Signs of Danger!

warning-challengesAnyone traveling on the roads needs to be constantly alert to signs of danger. For the last few months the morning commute to work in Victoria, B.C. has been an increasing hassle due to the on-going construction on one of the main traffic arteries leading into the downtown core. A bicyclist who usually took this route to commute to work downtown observed on one particular morning a few weeks ago that all traffic was being squeezed into just one lane by a small group of flaggers who had placed numerous warning signs, barriers, and orange plastic cones to block off the inside fast lane. But, while most people feel obliged to take notice of the warning signs and make the appropriate inconvenient travel correction,a commuting cyclist, a 30s-something woman, decided to ignore the warning signs…
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