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August 2nd, 2014

Will Capitalism Survive: Mark Carney’s Warning

Comments Off on Will Capitalism Survive: Mark Carney’s Warning, Filed in Blog, by CGP.

carney-inclusive capitalismMark Carney, present governor of the Bank of England and chairman of the International Financial Stability Board (as well as a well-respected past governor of the Bank of Canada), strongly warned a conference on “Inclusive Capitalism” at the City of London—which was attended by the elite money managers in charge of one-third of the world’s investable money (about $30 trillion—yes that’s trillion not billion!) that they cannot take the continuation of the capitalist system for granted because the basic social contract has been breaking down!

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August 2nd, 2014

Obama versus Putin: Whose Getting the Worst of It?

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putin-punching-obamaObama versus Putin

American President Barak Obama just can’t seem to deliver a TKO on the Russian President Vladimir Putin can he? In fact, for the last year it has seemed that Putin can go the distance in the ring with whatever Obama throws at him. The unipolar world in which the United States of America is the sole superpower that can get its way in whatever it wants… is disappearing before our very eyes. Nobody could really stand-up to the power of the U.S.A.’s displeasure in order to shelter NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden with all his revelations of American surveillance of everyone’s 27/7 digital communications…but Putin was willing to take Snowden in…

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July 31st, 2014

Does God Hear: Answered Prayer

Comments Off on Does God Hear: Answered Prayer, Filed in Blog, by CGP.

sarah-primus answered prayer

Answered Prayer?

Does God still answer prayers in the 21st Century? Well, there’s one family in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that thinks so. But obviously, a lot of people these days don’t think so.

In fact the majority of people in the Western world these days suspect that if God isn’t dead, like so many lefty intellectuals stridently proclaim, then He must not be too interested in the average person’s day-to-day problems.

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July 30th, 2014

American Impotence: Where is the Will?

Comments Off on American Impotence: Where is the Will?, Filed in Blog, by CGP.


obama-policemanAmerican Impotence:

There were important international meetings in the Western world that resulted in some speeches by various leaders of the West, a number of press conferences, and even a non-binding U.N. resolution denouncing Russia’s annexation of Crimea. We heard a lot of talk about “isolating” Russia, including throwing them out of that exclusive club formerly known as the G-8, as well as a series of announcements applying travel restrictions and financial sanctions on maybe 30 to 40 insider Russians and pro-Russian Ukrainians.


But the incontestable bottomline is that Crimea is now a part of Russia and the West has proven itself to be impotent to do anything more than talk and issue vague threats about what will happen if Putin continues to be a bad boy.

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July 30th, 2014

Break the Pride of Your Power: The Sunset of the American Empire

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crimea-europe-mapBreak the Pride of your Power: When it comes to the quick and successful Russian occupation of the Crimean peninsula, U.S. President Barak Obama insists that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “on the wrong side of history.”


July 30th, 2014

Harrison’s Deliverance: Answered Prayers

Comments Off on Harrison’s Deliverance: Answered Prayers, Filed in Blog, by CGP.

harrison prayers answeredAnswered Prayers

“Entombed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in an upended tugboat for three days, Harrison Odjegba Okene begged God for a miracle… As the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene, dressed only in boxer shorts, recited the last psalm his wife had sent by text message, sometimes call the Prayer for Deliverance [Psalm 54]: ‘O God, by your name, save me…. The LORD sustains my life’”

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July 29th, 2014

Overcoming Addictions: Rob Ford Reality Show

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ford-addictionOvercoming Addiction: Rob Ford Reality show

I’ve got to admit it that Rob Ford knows how to stay at the top of the news. Even Americans living in the state of Mississippi—who would be hard pressed to name even the Prime Minister of Canada—can readily tell you who is the current mayor of Toronto.  And when it comes to the BBC’s world report, in their editorial judgment the political theatre swirling about Rob Ford is the ONLY news currently worth reporting from otherwise boring Canada… Read more…