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Lessons from the Feast: What Really Matters

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September 23rd, 2017

Lessons from the Feast: What Really Matters

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Lessons from the Feast: What Really Matters

    harvest moon

    God Loves You (the most important lesson)
    In the months before my father died, I would go with my youngest son, JJ, who was 6 years old, and give Grandpa a big hug and a kiss before bed. This had been my nightly ritual from my earliest childhood. But, in his last months, my usually undemonstrative Dad , perhaps as a way of saying goodbye if that night were to be his last, said every evening, “Always remember I love you. ” It was something that has stuck with me…


February 18th, 2017

Passover Controversy

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Passover Controversy
passover wine:bread

A Personal take on the question of Passover observance – When, How, and Why?

There was a time in the early church when the Quarto-deciman/Passover controversy was front and centre in the minds of those who followed the scriptures, the scripturalists. They were having to defend their practice of keeping the New Covenant Passover on the 14th of Nisan and the 8 day Passover festival, instead of celebrating Easter. They were being accused of “Judaizing.” Yet Paul, the apostles to the gentiles, made in clear in scripture that the Corinthians were keeping unleavened bread/Passover and his only admonition was that they keep these Holy Days in the right spirit, for the right reasons, so as to profit from them spiritually speaking. Today in the churches of God there continues to be controversy, and it also stems from a negative attitude towards those perceived as “Judaizers.” Here are some notes from a recent discussion on this topic: More

March 26th, 2016

Hebrew Calendar Valid Today?

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Hebrew Calendar Valid Today?

March 2016
I had a visit from our friendly neighbourhood Jehovah’s witness today offering me a chance to join them in March for their Passover memorial…this created a question in my mind as I’m anticipating Passover in the end of April. So why the difference?
It reminded me of an article by John Ogwyn, a thoughtful gentleman that my husband worked with for a few years.
I think he addresses the question of when we should observe the Holy Days with insight and clarity, and in accordance with the scriptures. Here is his original article with some subtitles added.
hebrew calendar

The Hebrew Calendar

By John Ogwyn

Since 1986, the calendar has been a recurring source of doctrinal controversy in the Church of God. Many articles and papers have proposed different methods of calculating the dates of the annual festivals, and at least a half-dozen different calendars and calculation methods have been offered.
This has troubled many sincere brethren who want to do what pleases God. With all the controversy, they are unsure. But does God really expect each individual Church member to become an expert on calendar matters? read more More

November 15th, 2015

Slippery Slide Down the Slope of Moral Relativism

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death-cartoonSlippery Slope of Moral Relativism:
Wow, it’s amazing what happens in just one weekly news cycle! Should we cry or laugh?

A full two-thirds of Canada’s doctors are opposed to participating in the Supreme Court’s newly discovered “right to die” by doctor-assisted suicide. In fact only 29 percent of doctors surveyed said they  would even consider providing such a “new procedure.”

See more…

October 28th, 2015

Truth Bytes – The Writings

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Truth Bytes

Psalms 1-6
rushing water

Scripture plants us firmly beside living waters. Stay grounded in life by turning to God’s word for advice that lasts.


Those “whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditate on his law day and night … [are] like a tree planted by streams of water.” Psalm 1:2-3




April 12th, 2015

Celebrating the New Covenant Passover: When Do We Observe It?

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Celebrating the New Covenant Passover?

Based on the Hebrew scriptures, the gospels, and historical record we are confident in stating that during the time of Jesus’ death the Jews were correct in celebrating the Passover at the end of the 14th of Nisan/ Abib Some Churches of God in the past century have  called this time the, “Night to Be Much Observed.”
Now the trickier part is in the gospel accounts, concerning the timing of the foot washing, bread and wine ceremonies that we call the New Covenant Passover. This is due to the one divergent reading that seems to say that the disciples ate a “Passover” meal with the disciples at the beginning of the 14th. In the scholarly literature this was considered to be the “thorniest” question in all of the New Testament. There were according to the writers 4 main possible explanations. Here they are in a nutshell: More